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Modish® has been offering fantastic hair care products using state of the art technology with innovative research and development.. However in order to constantly keep up with hairdresser's wants and desires, we decide to make a change in line with this modern evolving industry. Therefore, Modish® has move one step further by launching a new range of products that will create hair you've dreamt of! With innovative breaking formulas using various plant based extract, the series of [Botanique Trichology™] will certainly bring you wonders of new style - in simply a nature's way!



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Professional Products

Malaysia Largest Professional Hair Salon Product Manufacturer & Supplier.
Modish Style’s catalogue range from high–end to mass market products have just the right customizable selections to fit your requirements. These hair and skin care products are available in a wide choice of product packaging preferences. Modish Style is ready to assist in providing the full range of premium hair care and skin care products for your enterprise
. Modish Style is also a sponsor of hair care products to Malaysia Airlines cabin crew, Malaysian Idol events, fund raising events, televised Asian entertainment shows besides being a charitable contributor to causes and people in need.


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